Through my (somewhat rebellious and experimental) teenage years I felt that travel should be mostly three things:

  • Long Term
  • Life Changing
  • Discussed at length at parties (probably wearing striped trousers, or at least a kaftan.)

Whilst long-term, life changing and discussed-at-length travel is great fun and indeed an adventure, it is also for less rebellious & experimental adult me, another three things:

  • Expensive
  • Disruptive
  • Unsustainable

Don’t get me wrong, I could totally take 4 months leave to travel around India if it was offered. But along with most of the population, it won’t be.

So what do we do?
Well, I’m a traveler and travelers don’t sit still in Cardiff because they have full-time jobs, bills and responsibilities.  Travelers travel.   I have become very interested in micro-adventures, 5-9 adventures and 1-night touring.   Here’s my latest one and i’ll keep you posted..

Cardiff – Afan Valley

  1. Check your bike is safe, pop some wind in your tyres, fill a flask, prepare some snacks and head to Cardiff Central Train Station.image1(12)bike at cdf station2. Grab yourself an anytime day return to Port Talbot Parkway (between £8-£10  – **YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BOOK YOUR BIKE ON **)

    3. Arrive in Port Talbot (there are temporary exit steps at the moment), cross the main road, follow the green cycle path until you see TESCO.
    Hand rail Tesco around to the right, head through the car park and under the bridge. You’ll pick up the path from here.

dad lchf

(stopping for a brew: we carry trangia stoves but flasks are a great alternative)


(checking out the awesome wooden bridge!)


(Cheeky pic of my bike looking all sexy and dramatic..)

me(on the way back now: another lovely spot for a brew!)

trangia kettle

( My number one travel essential: Trangia kettle and Trangia stove combo!)


Head back to Port Talbot Station, (trains are pretty much every 20-30 mins) – get back into Cardiff and cycle home. £10 + Flask + Snacks and an afternoon off well spent I’d say.

For more info check out The Afan Forest Park’s Web Guide or I’ll do my best to answer questions if you tweet me @CDFcyclist or