Recipe: Chocolate Recovery ‘Ice Cream’

Cardiff Cyclist Mountain Bike recovery ice cream protein chocolate bananaI’m pretty excited about this because I am the queen of cramming junk food into my beak post-ride, and if the packet of hobnobs is open – I WILL eat them all.

So here’s my Nutri Bullet recipe for chocolate recovery ‘ice-cream’

I use cold-pressed raw hemp protein so this recipe is vegan, vegetarian & gluten free.  Your own protein choice might differ.


2 Frozen Bananas
1tbsp Cocoa (no added sugar or sweeteners)
Raw Cold Pressed Hemp Protein Powder 1 x 30g Scoop
Soya/Almond Milk


Chop your bananas into chunks, microwaving for a few seconds can soften them enough to get a knife through.
Pop them in the nutri bullet cup with your protein & cocoa, add the liquid, place the cap on and give it a really good shake.

*it is best to start with less almond milk and add as much as you like for consistency.

Blend/Pulse until no banana lumps are left.

TA-DA! ¬†Really, that’s it. It takes about 5 mins and keeps me feeling full after my ride.

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