I’m not car-free

I’m not yet car-free, but I am getting there!  Dietetics placements mean that whilst I still don’t *need* the van, I do still really like the convenience of being able to access the mountains and woodland around Wales.  If I’m really honest I have also enjoyed not having to ride lonely paths and lanes in the dark evenings through winter.

New Bike

I popped into Cyclopaedia about a month ago and left with the ULTIMATE utility and adventure bike. (The Giant ToughRoad SLR1) A bike I love so much that I can’t work out how I have lived 25 years without one.. Although I do wish it was a little less flash (nickable).

Having spent the last few years trying my hand at racing cyclocross and cross country mountain bike, working at Cyclopaedia and being a British Cycling Breeze Leader; the new bike is my return to the cycling that I really love. Adventure cycling, touring, bike-packing. Whatever you want to call it, slow and intentional riding for travel and enjoyment. It’s where my cycling story began (on a dutch campsite) and it still fills me with the most joy.

Dutch campsite circa 1998

Slowing Down

After surgery last year I had to re-evaluate my pace and slow the heck down – so for 2019 the pressure is off. I no longer obsess over Strava data, hours in the saddle or distance per week. I’m pootling through 2019 on my ultimate adventure bike doing things my way (and occasionally driving the van)