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We’re very glad to announce that Cardiff Cycle Chic and Cardiff Cyclist have come together to bring Emily Chappell to Cardiff and you’re invited to join us:

Emily Chappell Cardiff Cycle Chic Little Man Coffee The awesome team at Little Man Coffee Co will be serving coffee and craft beer throughout the evening. Follow them on Twitter HERE

Join the Facebook event HERE

More About Emily Chappell:

Emily Chappell is a courier, transcontinental cyclist and bicycle adventurer.
She has ridden from Wales to Japan, across Iceland, from Anchorage to Seattle and competed in The Transcontinental Race from Belgium to Istanbul. Between adventures Emily works as a cycle courier in London and writes quite a bit (Guardian Bike Blog, Oh Comely, Boneshaker, Moving Target).

You can read all about her exploits as a cycle courier on her earlier blog; That Messenger Chick and find more about her current adventures at That Emily Chappell.com 

what goes around by emily chappell cycle courier little man coffee cardiff cycle chic cardiff cyclist

‘What Goes Around‘ was published earlier this year and came through Cardiff Cyclist HQ late last week.  Emily is currently touring around the UK to promote and talk about ‘What Goes Around’ as well as making a number of media appearances:

Emily Chappell Blog Post What goes around

Come along to the Little Man Coffee Co on Friday 29th January @ 7.30pm to pick up your copy of ‘What Goes Around’.